On October 17th and 18th, Nguyen Sieu school hosted two very special workshops organized by Cambridge, with the participation of Cambridge teachers from countries all over the world such as the UK, US, Phillipines, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil...

The workshops are intended for senior leaders in schools who are interested developing the quality of teaching and learning. The workshops were titled "Metacognition and Effective Classroom talk" and "Understanding Impact (Senior leaders)" . The workshops were headed by Cambridge trainers, with the goal of developing professional skills based on various topics. These topics include:
How can individual teachers reflect on the impact of their teaching and learning? How can managers support them in doing this in an effective way?

How can measuring the progress of our learners effectively help us to develop and nurture high quality teaching and learning?

How can we evaluate the impact of teaching and learning approaches at a faculty or whole-school level? How far (and in what ways) can numerical data help us to do this?

What are the benefits and challenges of seeking to evaluate impact?

How do we apply what we've learnt to develop classroom practice in our faculties and schools?

The workshops not only helped teachers with their teaching skills, but also a valuable chance for them to compare notes and talk about their experience between eachothers in order to develop as a well-rounded educator.
Mr Mevyn Lim - Director of Cambridge program in Vietnam and Myanmar, expressed his appreciation for Nguyen Sieu school's thorough preparedness, as well as the quality of the facilities and the warm welcome they received from Nguyen Sieu staffs.

"The workshop was extremely helpful and provided new ways and include student-centred learning in the classroom. I've already started using the techniques and activities with success in all my classes. On top of this, it also validated some things I've been doing for the past years. The only suggestion I have would be to reduce content delivery and increase collaborative practice in groups. The workshop has made me reflect on my teaching and I really hope I can attend more Cambridge PD in the future." Dominic Rushton - NSS teacher