With dozens of to-do lists and projects in hand, students are less likely to get things done right if they don't know how to organise their to-do lists logically and accurately. Here are some simple methods that students can use to prioritize all the work.

1. Eisenhower Matrix (Importance - Urgency Matrix)

- Urgent tasks are activities that need to be completed as soon as possible because they fix a problem that has already occurred or because other tasks depend on them.

- Important tasks must be completed at any time until the end of a project to reach the end goal. However, these tasks do not require immediate attention and can be postponed (but only in a short time).

Eisenhower Matrix

2. Eisenhower Matrix Interpretation

- Important and urgent: Students need to complete these tasks immediately or as soon as possible. They are problems or tasks with deadlines that, by all means, must be met; otherwise, they can postpone or cancel a project altogether. For example, group assignment deadlines, etc.

- Important but not urgent: These activities can be scheduled for a specific date as long as within the job's deadlines. So, even though students don't have to do them right away, they still have to take care of them until the end of the project or the achievement of their goal. For example, plan weekly homework, prepare to learn new lessons, plan to train themself, etc.

- Not essential but urgent: These are tasks that need an immediate response but do not contribute to student's academic performance. Typically, interruptions, meetings, or activities are intended to help other individuals and goals unrelated to the student's action. The best thing is to hand them over to other individuals who have spare time or expertise for them. For example, helping friends draw pictures (when students have no experience in painting and are studying online), help your friends order things online (while looking for a semester exam), etc.

- Not essential or urgent: This list of work distractions students can delete or put these non-productive activities aside during this busy time. For example, gossip from friends, surfing Facebook, changing desktop wallpaper, etc.