Thank you for participating in

Dear :

  • Students & Parents of Nguyen Sieu School
  • Staffs & Teachers of Nguyen Sieu School
  • Board of management at My Dinh National Stadium
  • Partners

With the goal of building a well-being school, aiming towards well-rounded development in both body, mind, spirit and character; Nguyen Sieu school has successfully organized the Nguyen Sieu 2020 Sports Day, with the dedication, creativity, and passion of all our students and teachers during the recent months. This is surely one of the moments that you will all cherish through your school years.

Building a playground of “games, races and endless fun”, the Sports Day accompanied the “Eco school” project, spreading the message of love, uniting the kindness of our community which contributed to the “Green Dream” foundation, enriching charity activities by students and teachers.

To have the success of today, the organizers would like express our sincere appreciation to the Board of Management of My Dinh National stadium, our partners; thank to all the families that participated & support the Nguyen Sieu community; thank to all the staffs and teachers on the Vietnam and International side for giving us your all in the process of preparing for Sports Day. And especially the most special appreciation for our students who shine so brightly and overcome yourselves on this special occasion.

The first time organizing a Sports Day at this scale, there might have been some shortcomings and flaws, we ask for your understanding and would appreciate any feedbacks you might have in order to improve for the upcoming events.

Best regards!

                                                                              BOARD OF ORGANIZERS