“All plants need a root to grow and flourish.” 

Nguyen Sieu School’s academic ambitions and cultural foundation are inspired by our namesake, Nguyen Van Sieu, the renowned Confucian scholar-poet (1799-1872) who was not only a great teacher, but exemplary in the way he lived his life.

The Nguyen Sieu education combines the strengths of the Vietnamese and Cambridge International curricula, and encourages our students to draw deeply from Vietnam’s rich history and cultural heritage, while reaching skywards to develop into forward-thinking, globally-savvy individuals. More importantly, beyond excellent academic outcomes, our students learn that a true education also emphasies the development of noble character.

Students are at the heart of everything we do at Nguyen Sieu School. Our Student-Centered Learning approach is designed to help our students to identify and understand their learning styles and incorporate effective methods for learning. Here, “hands-on” learning is emphasised, and students are encouraged to seek constructive feedback and develop critical thinking skills to apply their learning to the real world. 

Our passionate and dedicated teachers are committed to providing our students with a dynamic and engaging learning environment in which to learn, and will support each and every one of them in achieving his or her full potential.