Today, September 5th, the school opening ceremony took place, marking the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.

The new school year has officially started with the school opening ceremony. During the event, the Principal of Nguyen Sieu Secondary and High school, Mrs Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy gave a speech sharing sentiments as well as well wishes towards parents and students.

Distinguished delegates, esteemed guests!

Dear teachers and all beloved students!

We have just been immersed in the sacred moment as the school gate opens to welcome the youngest children of the Nguyen Sieu family. This reminds me of the usual dramatic scene at the end of each academic year in which the beautiful buds wave goodbye to the 12th graders who were to graduate.

An exciting and productive school year passed, culminated by achievements of the 26th generation of students at Nguyen Sieu School, in their high school graduation exams and university entrance exams. The exam results of our 12 graders in Math and English from AY 2016-2019 are much higher than that of the national average, follows the shining tradition of Nguyen Sieu School and continues to prove the strength of the High Quality teaching model in our school over the past 10 years.

In a similar manner, I am also delighted to share the joys with our primary and lower secondary students for successfully gaining exceptional results in the IGCSE, Primary and Secondary Checkpoint tests with excellent grades. I shouldn’t forget to mention also that  the very first AS students, after 6 persevering years from Checkpoint to IGCSE, have now created comprehensively solid foundations to go towards A Level, with 80% grade A in Maths (this level has no A *), Physics and Biology grades being higher than the world’s average mark. These are the results of the perseverance and the efforts in overcoming the challenges during the first phase of the Cambridge International Program’s pilot implementation.

Our students’ successes today are the greatest joy for teachers like us. 
We are so proud of you my beloved students. 
Please give a round of applause to congratulate yourselves, your schoolmates 
and classmates. This is also a great motivation to inspire you on your learning path. 


Distinguished delegates, esteemed guests!

Dear teachers and all beloved students!


On this special day, there goes the drum roll in all schools throughout the nation which marks the first day of the new school year 2019 - 2020, celebrating the reforms introduced into educational systems.

On behalf of the School Board, I would like to heartily welcome all the 2687 students, 330 teachers and staff and more than 50 foreign teachers from 13 different countries around the globe who are gathered here today under Nguyen Sieu roof. Together, we contribute to a diversified school mosaic and remain united to build up a core value-oriented culture that nurtures all Nguyen Sieu individuals—people who have great pride in the deep-rooted traditions but are always ready to integrate them in the modern dynamic world.

This year, our dear students are empowered and developed through various learning projects as well as hands-on activities. These are opportunities to help each student achieve mastery of their individual competencies.

 I wish all my students the best of health--both physically and mentally. 
I wish for them to find true passion for learning, discoveries 
and scientific accomplishments; and more importantly, I wish for them 
to spread compassion, to promote the spirit of unity, to sympathize and help others 
to build a well – being school.
May you live a responsible life, both for yourselves and for the community, 
and to create an eco- school that everyone can go to.
 I would like to wish my all teachers a new academic year of continued improvement 
in your professional development, in order for you to meet the needs of students 
as well as the requirements of an innovative education; and not to betray the trust 
of the parents.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to our distinguished delegates and all the parents who have put trust in us and facilitate us.

Wishing the new academic year of 2019-2020 a year filled with joyfulness 
for a well-being school with green hope.

Wishing all guests, teachers and students good health, happiness and success.

Once again, on behalf of the School Board, I’m honored to announce the official start of the new school year 2019-2020.

Thank you very much!


At the end of the ceremony, the principal express deep gratitude towards guests, parents and students, as well as all who joined in the ceremony.