Monday (26/8) a special kind of stimulated classroom took place in Nguyen Sieu School. The class was taught by Mr. Marc Capstick, teacher and International Dean at Scots College, New Zealand

The class was truly unique, exclusive to students of Nguyen Sieu School, offering insights into business and marketing through innovative exercises. The students had the chance to compete in an interactive quiz through the app Kahoot! The questions revolved around innovation and the needs of consumers, giving students a basic idea into the world of business. The competition was fierce, and the winner was awarded with a fitting prize!

The lesson then continued with a unique activity, where participants got to play detectives, trying to identify their customers based on photos of daily activities. This is an exciting way to get students to strategize about marketing and also encourage creative thinking.

This was not only a unique workshop, but also an invaluable opportunity for students to experience a classroom in New Zealand. NSSer had a blast today, exploring their creativity and critical thinking with this one-of-a-kind class!