Friday (4/10), representatives from UK schools and university went to visit Nguyen Sieu School to discuss future cooperation.

On Friday (4/10), delegates from UK schools and universities visited the school with the hope of cooperation between Nguyen Sieu school and UK education. The representatives was received by Nguyen Sieu School, headed by the Principal Mrs Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy, and the international department. The delegates took a brief tour of the school, and had the chance to experience first-hand a STEM class with our own students. NSSers greeted the representatives and show typical a lab day at Nguyen Sieu.
Afterwards, the tour moved on to the traditional room, The UK representatives expressed their admiration for the school's rich history as they learned about the changes that the school went through. 

The delegates then moved to the conference room, as the Principal Mrs Thuy gave a presentation about Nguyen Sieu's core values and our education model. The delegates had various inquiries regarding Nguyen Sieu's Cambridge programs, as well as the pathway for higher education. Towards the end of the meeting, Nguyen Sieu and the UK delegation agreed upon possible future partnership, including summer camps, exchange programs in the UK.

This occasion marks another step in Nguyen Sieu school's journey into the world of global education. With upcoming partnership with UK education, NSSer can surely expect a bright future ahead!