Over the years, our student community has blossomed and matured as a result of our cooperation with institutions around the world. Global partnerships have brought our internationally-oriented education philosophy to life, sowing the seeds for many educational, professional and social benefits.

Benefits to Students

  • Meaningful and well-structured interaction among student groups can increase students’ appreciation for cultural diversity and broaden their international outlook;

  • Lasting friendships often emerge from these intense experiences;

  • Students are able to develop intercultural communication skills and build their confidence in speaking English;

  • While abroad, students become independent and responsible for their own well-being, and therefore, return home as more mature individuals;

  • By interacting with students of different cultures and backgrounds, young people gain keener awareness of global issues;

  • Participation in international exchange programmes is highly recognized by university admission and scholarship committees;

  • Students develop the crticial skills to become future global citizens, including cross-cultural competence, respect, empathy, creative-thinking, etc.

Benefits to Teachers and Schools

  • International cooperation benefits teachers as individuals and professionals: they have spaces to learn and share cultural knowledge and practice the best teaching methods;

  • International cooperation benefits the faculty and staff community: after returning from an exchange, teachers often share their knowledge and experiences with others and together revise the current teaching methods and curricula.

Contact us for prospects on the future partnership:

Head of International Office - Nguyen Sieu school

Email: lamnguyen@nguyensieu.edu.vn