Nguyen Sieu Secondary School was founded in 1991. Students are separated into Lower and Upper Secondary sections. There are currently 875 students enrolled in the Secondary School (AY2018-2019).

MOET Pathway (Grade 8-10)

Students in the MOET pathway study the following subjects: Vietnamese, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature, Geography, National Defence, Home Economics, Physical Education

Promising students may request to sit for the CAIE Grade 10 Entrance Exam in Grade 9 to transfer to the CAIE pathway the following year.

CAIE Pathway

Lower Secondary (Grade 6-8)

Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Information, and Communications Technology (ICT), Global Perspectives

At the end of Grade 8, students will sit for the Secondary Checkpoint examinations.

Upper Secondary (Grade 9-10)

CAIE students in the Upper Secondary section will either join the Natural Science or Social Science stream.

In addition to IGCSE English and Mathematics, students in either stream will sit for the following IGCSE subjects:

  1. Natural Science: Chemistry, Physics, Biology
  2. Social Science: Global Perspectives, Enterprise, Travel, and Tourism

Students will sit for the IGCSE examinations at the end of Secondary School, before graduating to High School.