ECON: Nguyen Sieu's First Student-Run Club

The Event Club of Nguyen Sieu School (ECON) was formed by 7 students with a passion for events management.

Students Learn to Protect Vietnam's Forests and Biodiversity

Grade 7 students visit the Vietnam Forest Museum to learn about the growth and care of forests, the exploitation of natural resources and the need for protection, the growth and development of organisms, and forests' amazing biodiversity.

Nguyen Sieu Produces Vietnam's IGCSE Top Students - Three Years in a Row!

We're proud to announce that since sitting for the Cambridge IGCSE examinations for the first time in 2016, Nguyen Sieu students have been consistently recognised as among Vietnam's Top Scorers each year.

Nguyen Sieu Students Are Top IGCSE Scorers in Vietnam

In the recent Cambridge IGCSE exams, two Nguyen Sieu students were recognised as among the top scorers in Vietnam.

Nguyen Sieu Student Awarded ASEAN Scholarship

Tran Gia Linh (10IG2S2) was recently honored as one of the 11 top students in northern Vietnam to be awarded the prestigious ASEAN scholarship