From online learning to how to get used to online working, here are some words from our own teachers

Teaching Online: Teachers have made a considerable effort to create a safe, comfortable and inclusive online learning space for students using a variety of innovative ways to keep students connected and engaged in their education. Tools like Google Classroom, Google forms, Edpuzzle, Seneca, Dr Frost Maths, Quizzes, Khan Academy are being widely used in the online classrooms of NS School. It is important to remember that teaching online is new for everyone and teachers had to research and quickly adapt to this new way of interacting with students, class management as well as to make sure everyone is included. 

Teachers Admin Duties: As we no longer find ourselves in a regular office setting, we are making sure that teachers are keeping records of everything they do (Daily reports, Attendance Records, Google Classroom, Task Completion Sheets). Those reports are sent to management as well as to Homeroom teachers. Teachers are going above and beyond to make sure that students are presented with meaningful feedback on tasks completed each week.


Interview with NSS teachers


1. Do you still keep track with the pacing guide/ syllabus? 


  • Yes, students still participate in group discussions, complete tests, working on collaborative projects. Teaching has continued since school closures with a plan to finish in time for students to take their Cambridge exams. 


  • Even though the Cambridge exams have been canceled, teachers are still working hard to finish the syllabus so that students can enter the next stage of their education fully prepared. Continued education is about more than just performing well on a test, NSS takes the ethos of the Cambridge learner seriously.

  • Any classes that were falling behind due to the initial school closures, teachers have been providing extra make-up classes on top of their regular class schedule (IG 2, AS level Maths). A few teachers are also providing extra support for struggling students at lunchtime and on Friday afternoons, to ensure that all students successfully complete their courses.  


2. How do you assess students via teaching online?


  • Thanks to the use of technology, teachers are able to create an exam-like environment through the use of google forms, giving detailed written feedback to students on each of their answers. 

  • Using Google Form Add Ons such as teachers are able to give students timed assessment creating an examination environment at home.

  • There will be an exam period at the end of this Semester. This exam will determine if the students can continue at NS School in the next academic year.


3. Why is online learning important?

  • During this difficult period, it is important that students keep some form of routine and stay connected with their peers. Online teaching provides a unique opportunity for this whilst ensuring students feel safe and comfortable conducting their learning from home.

  • Generally, students from the Information Age are happy and comfortable garnering their knowledge through the use of the internet and technology. It is important to note that Nguyen Sieu School has been progressive by implementing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy, teaching online is merely an extension of this, giving the students an opportunity to connect with both their teachers and peers through the use of technology



4. How can parents support students?

  • It is incredibly important that online education is taken just as seriously as classroom teaching. Students need a comfortable quiet space without distractions to become fully immersed in the online classroom environment teachers are striving to create.

  • Parents/Guardians can help by ensuring their children, our students, have a comfortable space in which to conduct their online classes and task completion during the day. Make sure your son or daughter has a printer to print worksheets. Try to purchase a microphone for your son or daughter so they can participate more easily in the lesson.

  • Parents can also help by encouraging timely completion of homework tasks. 

  • As we move forward in this digital age (particularly with online learning) parents need to realise that things are different from when they were at school. Teachers are no-longer using the chalk and talk methods of past eras, and homework completion is submitted digitally rather than the traditional paper and pen method. It is important to note that a computer/laptop along with the internet is a valid method of garnering information and educating oneself when utilized properly.