Letter from the principal regarding the current pandemic

Dear my beloved students

The global spread of Covid-19 pandemic has been affecting our schooling, which directly and strongly makes us, more than anyone else, suffer. It has changed our daily routines. Keeping ourselves updated with the latest news of Covid-19 in every corner of the world or in Vietnam and Hanoi has occupied our minds.  Still, in such circumstances, I truly believe that, you should be aware of how lucky we are as we can stay at home, learning online. Although you do not physically meet your classmates and teachers, they are still there, constantly connected. For me, seeing everyone through the screen at home, safe and sound, is such a bliss.


Perhaps you may not realize how lucky we are compared to those in Europe, such as our Danish and Italian friends or those who are living in unfavorable conditions, separation, isolation, insufficient equipment. Such difficulties make it hard for them to maintain a normal life, let alone online learning. So far, no matter how tough it is, I do wish that you would understand and sympathize others in order to ‘overcome negative thoughts’ and to ‘overcome yourselves’, heading towards a bright future. A busy summer, schoolyard with brilliant sunlight and blossom flowers are awaiting you. Together, we will overcome the the hardship and clear all darkness brought by Covid-19..

Covid-19 also reminds us of our responsibilities- to virtually care, virtually protect and mutually benefit.  Should you spend, 1 golden hour of 60 minutes per day to take care of yourself- your physical well-being. If possible, let your legs  move, let your hands free to create arts and try to bring nature into your house. Do not forget to take care of your eyes- the essential  tools in helping you to broaden your horizon. Tired you may feel after long screen timing, remember, once your eyes relax, your energy is recharged. This also may be a good time for you to start a new hobby which you have never tried before by exploring your potential talents in kitchen. Additions and ingredients you add in your dish are little love you bring to your parents.

As you may know, Self- discipline can be regarded as the most important habit at the current time and in the long run. the 21st century and Revolution 4.0  demand each global citizen to take control of his/ her life with his/ her learning autonomy, active learning ability and smart use of digital gadgets.

Train yourself to adapt, to be well equipped, to be flexible, no matter how far life may take, the utmost beauty of life, awaiting to be explored.

My dearest 12 graders

 These days of your 17-18 age are indeed the golden time in youth. That is why I can imagine how much you all wish to come back to school as this should be the time for you to prepare yourselves with graduation exams.  F12 also started to ignite in our thought, and there are more about which we may think of… future plan, job orientation, lifetime interest….

You are going to have a hectic and busy summer which may be filled with regrets on how quickly time flies, however in this mean time, should you be aware that, safety and physical wellbeing are the keys to your future. Facing this global challenge, I believe that you will spare no effort to push yourselves up and keep reaching for what you have targeted. Shortly, My dear, , we will be back to school and continue our path

Some words to our fellow parents,

These words I share do not come from the perspectives of a principal but a mother whose children are of the same ages as your kids. The complicated situation caused by Covid-19 with its unexpected development has brought us concerns:  work delayed, financial difficulties, health threat for each family member, disturbances in daily routines since our kids are not going to schools, all  of a sudden has come and make our lives burdened.

I truly understand what emotions you parents are going through, with your children staying at home for the past 2 months, but we are much more fortunate compared to those  who are under lockdown and cannot come home. CoVid-19, on the other hand, still proves its positive effect as “It reminds us about family life and how important our family is. It lets us have a chance to return to our nest, to fortify and protect it.” I’m extremely moved by this newfound point-of-view on the pandemic. It reminded me and made me think long and hard about our children’s happiness, and how this can be a chance to strengthen our bonds.

How our children are progressing with their academic is not what we should focus right now. Instead, their physical and mental healths are what we should pay attention to. Social distancing and social inactivity make our kids even more stressful and passive. The attempts to be your kids’ friend may become tougher than ever as stubborn; isolation may appear as the gaps.

In this time, composure and patience are the best therapy to strengthen the family bonds and reduce undesired tension. If possible, give our children their own space and necessary privacy so that they can decide for themselves and show their maturity within our family. Please place your faith in your children and be more generous, even though I know it might sound difficult sometimes being confined at home might affect our children’s sense of self, so we must give them the freedom in time management, the freedom in participating in activities and encouraging them on taking on responsibilities, even at a young age. Success in child-rearing lies in cooperation and companionship, so that together we can create a happy online learning atmosphere at home.

 To all my colleagues

While we are all deeply appreciative of the sacrifices made by the “warriors” in white and green, we, the silent ferrymen, have our own “battlefield “and unspoken difficulties. If the medical staffs are in their frontline fighting the pandemic, we are the ardent supports that keep the fire burning for the future generationsIn war, students would study under the stars in trenches, in the present day, with the 4.0 digital platform, we continues to enlighten our students with our passion for teaching. With all my respect, I deeply thank you for devoting your own time which should have been dedicated to your family to participate in online teaching.

Even though we are well-equipped with all the skills needed as 21st century instructors, as well as the technology required, we can handle almost every situation with flexibility; we still cannot help but be taken by surprise with the unpredictable progression of the current pandemic.

I heard stories and shared thoughts with many colleagues about the many difficulties we all encounter, as parents as well as teachers, during this hard time. The financial difficulties and the problems with our jobs are obstacles we all must face. However, the BOD has, with the best intention within our capabilities, has made enormous effort to minimize the disturbances so that our lives are not further disrupted. We are much more fortunate than our peers in other schools or many other colleagues in far-off regions, who have neither means nor the equipment to teach online. Facing this unprecedented threat, and there are yet many obstacles we must overcome and respond with a wartime mindset.

What we need the most right now is a sense of unity and compassion; strong determination of humans of Nguyen Sieu. I sincerely hope that you can persevere and surmount everything and fulfill your duty as teachers. I hope that you are well prepared for this long and arduous battle, and confident in what may lie ahead. I hope that together, we can steer this ship into the bright future.

For a happy school, for your children’s sake, we, parents at home and teachers at school,  continue to strengthen our links and positive connection to make the school happy, to overcome hardships caused by unpredictable progression of the current pandemic.

Best Wishes for you -my dear students and your parents, be energetic in mind to maintain your daily happiness.


Nguyễn Thị Minh Thúy