Nguyen Hanh Nguyen is representing Viet Nam in Paris from 15-19 April 2019 to meet Top Female Startuppers around the globe and immerse in Startup challenges. Hanh Nguyen is a Nguyen Sieu's IGCSE student, who successfully named herself as one of 55 Top Female Startuppers of the Year by Total Challenge for her Teen Up - Tự do bứt phá project.

February 2019 brought great news to Hanh Nguyen as she was announced as one of the Top Female Startuppers of the Year in the Total Challenge for her initiative to raise middle-school students' knowledge on Gender Equality. 


Hanh Nguyen in Paris 

Nguyen is not only an active feminism advocate, but she also demonstrates great women's empowerment spirit via various activities at school, including the Nguyen Sieu Excellence Academic Achievement Scholarship. She is currently the youngest member of the Viet Nam organization for Gender Equality (VOGE), where she and her partners develop the idea of Teen Up - Freedom to spurt project. The project is a 4-day summer camp series to provide mid-school students with Gender Equality knowledge and soft-skill improvement through highly educational entertainment and activities. 

As an active social activist, Nguyen works hard to promote Gender Equality wherever she is. In her previous article featured on the School's internal publication, Nguyen pointed out 5 popular misconceptions about Feminism: 

1. Feminism means pledging more rights for women. 

☑️ Feminism promotes women's empowerment: let them fully utilize the same rights they have as men do.

2.  Feminism means women superior to men. 

☑️ Feminism asks society to treat women and men EQUALLY.

3. You are only a true feminist when you work hard to earn money and get married after 30. 

☑️ A feminist lifestyle is living up to your passion and free of prejudice.

4. Feminism is only for women. 

☑️ We can't achieve Gender Equality without men's participation! There are a lot of men advocating for women's right.

5. Feminism creates disadvantages for men. 

☑️ Feminism is not a fight against men but a quest for equal power distribution among different genders. 


 *Huong Linh