Some reflections from Quynh Hoa (VN10B, 2018) after completing her three-month study tour at Macleans College, New Zealand:

"Live the life that people write novels about." 

Have you ever dreamed of a fairyland? A land of wonders where the color, the aroma of flowers and flowers, and especially the place of warm hearts and warm hearts. For me, that place is not just a dream and I am so lucky to be able to start my 16th dream in paradise land - New Zealand, the land of shimmering rainbows.

Here, the natural landscape is always permeated with fairy tones and perhaps the sky of Auckland is the greenest sky in me. The sky is high, blue, and green, with plenty of youthful desires. Occasionally, I encountered clouds of white foam, indifferently drifting on the blue sky. Me and you love the sun in front of the Tekenawa Stadium in Macleans College - where we warmed up the cold cuts of meat cut. And maybe, just like its name - rainbow country - the sky here is always full of rainbows. Every day in school, I caught sight of the rainbow in the blue sky, and so the shimmering rainbow colors followed in my footsteps and became a part of colorful memories in me from time to time. or.

Macleans College, where I studied, lay on a large hill surrounded by lawns stretching to the horizon. However, when I was studying in a large school, I did not feel a little lost and confused; Because of the warm support from our teachers and friends, it made me feel close to myself from the first moment. Here I like to study math most not because it is easier than studying in Vietnam but because I find new and inspirational. Mathematics is not only theoretical lessons but instead we are exchanged and discussed to find a common solution. Instead of drawing parabolic lines on paper, we stand up and draw them by body movements. We make mathematical formulas into funky and memorable tunes! Teachers respect, encourage new ideas, new directions in learning. Thereby self-esteem is the number one priority throughout the learning process: we must know what is wrong with ourselves, learn from experience and correct. So, the classes here have probably become more valuable than ever.

How beautiful and picturesque New Zealand is, the picture of human life here is peaceful, clear and gentle. In addition to my school days, I love exploring Auckland. The more I discovered, the more I realize that the people here are so precious! Whether the elderly or young, whether the bus driver or anyone else, the people here are all friendly and polite. "Thanks" and "Sorry" are always available in New Zealand. Although they are unfamiliar but they are willing to lend me umbrella when it rains, the bus driver is ready to take me home when it is dark, ... The beautiful pictures, the kind people have contributed It creates a picture of simple human life that is more poetic than ever in the magic.

It is believed that at the end of the rainbow there will be a large gold cup for the worthy, but perhaps in the fairyland, everything is more wonderful. I believe that if I go through the rainbow of seven shimmering colors, what I find at the bottom of the rainbow is not the gold cup, but I find the beautiful memories and dreams of the early years of the dream. Dream in this land.

I would like to thank Nguyen Sieu School, Macleans College and my beloved family, Anthony and Maria - who have helped me with this valuable experience. New Zealand has made my 16-year-old dream even more wonderful and New Zealand has blossomed and blossomed my dreams, and New Zealand will forever be a brilliant springtime companion. with me until later.